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bjb Cash Management Service

Banking solutions for cash flow management to increase company profits.

  • bjb Account Service

    Electronic banking services that enable customers to access balance inquiry and other banking transactions by Real Time Online via web based application on

    Benefits for Customers
    • Improve customer-banking services in accessing financial balance information in real time online.
    • Customer account financial statement can be checked at office where the customer works.
    • Balances & transfers information from all registered accounts.
    • Account Statement for the last 90 days.

Tax payment service for PBB-P2 and Other Regional Taxes (bjb E-TAX) is a Tax Payment Service for Taxpayers to use in conducting tax payment transactions through all bank bjb channels both Office and Electronic Networks in online and real time manner.

  • Tax Types
  • Benefits
    • Tax payments are easy, fast and accurate
    • Safe and secure process
    • Reducing human error

Payroll Service is a banking service for Institutional Customers to pay employee salaries through their Savings account as a medium, so that the payment process can be executed in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner.

  • Benefits
    • Effective solution for salaries payment
    • Fast, precise and accurate
    • Safe and secure process
    • Practical and Efficient
    • Employee payroll by email
    • Reducing human error
    • Improve employee’s saving habits
  • Administrative Documents
    • Payroll Service Submission Letter
    • Customer Legal Documents
    • Cooperation agreement
    • Employee Payroll
  • Basic Requirements
    • Payroll Service is available for employees of government agencies or private companies.
    • Signed Payroll Service Cooperation Agreement between bank bjb and company concerned.
    • Companies with bank bjb Payroll Service must have bank bjb as the parent account.
    • Softcopy files of employee payroll must be accepted by bank bjb at least 5 (five) days before payroll is carried out.
    • Employees will get an ATM (debit) card and passbook as a transaction media and must maintain minimum balance of their savings account in accordance with bank bjb applicable regulations.
    • Other provisions regarding savings account are adhered to bank bjb’ applicable regulations.

Payment service for various bills is one of services that bank bjb provided generally to community through cooperation with various Billers in all over Indonesia. Payment Service that have been implemented by bank bjb are explained as follows:

  • bjb Edupay
    Education Fee Payment Service
  • bjb Water Bills
    Water Bill Payment Services
  • bjb Multifinance Payment
    LMultifinance Installments Payment Services
  • bjb Hospital Payment
    Hospital Patient Bill Payment Service
  • bjb e-Ticket
    Train and Airplane Payment Service
  • bjb Retribusi Perizinan
    Train and Airplane Payment Service
  • Pembayaran BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
    Payment Services for Membership Dues and BPJS Employment Participants Insurance Claims

Pick-Up & Delivery Service is a cash management service that helps customers manage cash withdrawals and transfers. Pick-up and Delivery Service can be done by the nearest bank Branch Office or the appointed Third Party (vendor):

  • Benefits
    • Simplify and fasten the process of depositing business income and/or billing from customer’s business location and from customer's account to the third party’s account.
    • Eliminate the security risk within deposit process in transit (eg: robbery, misuse, etc.).
    • Minimizing operation handling costs.

  • bjb ATM Co-Branding Submission Requirements
    • Customers can design an ATM card as desired (customization) in accordance with applicable terms and conditions in bank bjb. Customers can design an ATM card as desired (customization) in accordance with applicable terms and conditions in bank bjb.
      • bjb ATM Co-Branding Submission Requirements for legal entities/ companies/formal Institutions/organizations/educational institutions/ formal professional associations, must meet the following conditions:
      • Have Articles of Association and By-laws approved by the authorized institution.
      • Business/activities that carried out is not prohibited by government and law.
      • Signed bjb ATM Co-Branding cooperation agreement with bank bjb.
      • For non legal entities/organizations/informal professional associations /community must meet the following conditions:
      • Group not prohibited by State and/or Government.
      • Group not related to crime and drugs.
      • Signed bjb ATM Co-Branding cooperation agreement with bank bjb.

bjb Virtual Account is an electronic banking service system provided by bank in form of corporate customer identification number, opened by the Bank at the company request to subsequently provided to its customer as Account Number with receipt (collection) purposes.
  • Benefits
      Bjb Virtual Account Submission Requirements for legal entities/ companies/formal Institutions/organizations/educational institutions/ formal professional associations, must meet the following conditions:
    • Companies can use its acquired partner/customer numbers as bjb Virtual Account (maximum 16 numeric digits including 5 digits CIN - Corporate Identification Number given by bank bjb as Company ID.
    • bjb Virtual Account payment can be done through bjb ATM and bjb Teller Delivery Channel (under development).
    • Bjb virtual account transactions are integrated with Company's checking account.
    • Company can monitor each bjb Virtual Account transaction on the Company's checking account through bjb channel Account Service.

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