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Usaha Rakyat Credit

People who can enjoy KUR facility from bank bjb are individual entrepreneur, or micro, small and medium scale business entities. Includes all productive economic sectors with production type of business, trade and services, with businesses longevity for at least 6 months.

  • Working Capital
  • Investment
  • KUR for Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) Placement

There are two types of Usaha Rakyat Credit Limit:

  • Micro Business: Up to Rp.50 million.
  • Small Business: > Rp.50 Million to Rp.500 Million.
    Business type is determined by bank in accordance with applicable regulations
  • KUR for TKI Placement: based on Cost Structure with maximum amount of Rp.25 million

  • New Debtor
    • Maximum 36months for working capital
    • Maximum 60months for investment
  • Extension, Supplementary and Restructuring Debtors
    • Maximum 48months for working capital
    • Maximum 84months for investment
      *For Working Capital Cycle Pattern maximum cycle period is 12months
  • KMK
    • Installment Patterns
      Micro KUR, maximum 3 Years
      Small KUR, maximum 4 Years
    • Cropping Cycle Pattern
      Maximum 1 Year
  • IC
    Maximum 5 Years
  • KUR For TKI Placement
    Maximum term is based on work contract period and not more than 3 (three) years

  • Identity document (original copy)
    • Pas photo of prospective debtors & spouse (for those who are married)
    • Valid ID card of prospective debtors & spouse (for those who are married)
    • Family Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate / Divorce Letter / Death Letter (if relevant)
    • Taxpayer ID Number (for limit above Rp. 50million)
    • Currently not being financed by other credit programs and other productive loans at other banks / financial institutions other than the S-SRG
    • Listed KUR participant's wife/husband, either individuals or group members cannot be financed by KUR.
  • Business Documents (original copy)
    • Have a valid Business Registration Number (NIB) / Business Statement Letter (SKU) issued by the authorized official
    • Other requirements required by bank
  • Original collateral ownership documents along with supporting documents.

  • Identity document (original copy)
    • Deed of Establishment and its amendments
    • Articles of Association / Bylaws or other similar articles of association that are equated with this
    • Valid ID Card of Company Manager
    • Valid ID Card of Guarantor and spouse (if collateral is not on behalf of the company)
    • Company’s taxpayer ID Number
    • Valid licenses or business legalities
    • Results of Annual Member Meetings (at least for the last 2 periods) as well as establishment of management composition that has been legalized by the authorized authority (for cooperatives)
    • Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree and its amendments (for PT)
    • Latest GMS minutes (specifically for PT)
  • Financial Documents (original copy)
    • Proof of business tax payment, Annual SPT and electricity bills, telephone and water bills where operational business takes place (at least 1 month before)
    • Annual financial statements for at least the last 2 years and the latest financial statements
    • Other requirements required by the bank
  • Original collateral ownership documents along with supporting documents
* For more inquiry, please contact the nearest bankbjb Branch Office.

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