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Retirement is an unavoidable condition for everyone who works. However, not all companies provide retirement funds for their employees and not everyone has prepared their retirement funds. In fact, almost 70% of Indonesian workers have not prepared a pension fund for their retirement. Secure and prosperous future is everyone's desire. Whoever you are and regardless your current income, you have right to have a prosperous future. Bank bjb Financial Institution Pension Fund can help you realize your future objectives through early retirement planning. Come and join bank bjb DPLK in preparing your retirement as soon as possible!

Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) is a retirement fund established by banks or life insurance in implementing Defined Contribution Pension Plan (PPIP) for individuals, both employees and self-employed workers.
It's easy to become bjb DPLK member. Visit the nearest bank bjb office, bring your ID and fill out the registration form and conduct top up as initial deposit of Rp. 100.000 (one hundred thousand rupiahs) then you will immediately become a participant in bjb DPLK with free registration fees.

A. For employees
  • Assurance of sustainable Income in retirement / old age
  • Fixed funds for retirement besides discipline of savings
  • Dues are subjected as income tax deduction (pph ps21)
  • Detached from wealth of DPLK organizing company
  • Affordable employee benefits program in terms of financing
B. For Employers
  • Fulfill the Employer obligations to its employees, UU 12/2003
  • Anticipate future cash flow issues
  • Company dues are subjected as corporate income tax deduction (PPh 25)
  • Flexible, customizable with company conditions
  • As company's added value, while maintaining qualified employees

bank bjb DPLK is available for public, both individuals, groups and employers/companies. Individual participant involves employee and professionals from any formal and informal sectors with various backgrounds.

Bank bjb DPLK Membership Requirements
  • At least 18 years old or married.
  • Top up deposit Rp.100.000 as initial dues.
  • Fill the registration form (Available in all bank bjb office networks)
  • Bring the copy of valid IDcard, Family Registration and Marriage Certificate.

Participant can specified their own retirement age, start from 40 to maximum 65 years.

Participants can choose their own retirement investment packages:
  • Package A: 100% of term deposit
  • Package B: 50% of term deposit and 50% On Call
  • Package C: 50% term deposit and 50% Mutualfunds
  • Package D: 50% term deposit and 50% shares
  • Package E: 50% term deposit and obligations
Participant can change their investment package for maximum 2 (two) times a year. Investment changes fee are subjected to minimum Rp.10.000.- (ten thousand rupiahs) and maximum 1% (one percent) from investment change value.

  • Dues can be made any time without being subjected to penalty or bills, the dues frequency can be determined by participant (monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months)
  • Participants of DPLK receive a tax facilitation.
  • Investment choices are determined by participants in accordance with available investment packages that has been provided.
  • Safe and secure investment development

Dues can be made with the following methods:
  • Cash through the nearest bjb branch office
  • Auto debit through bank bjb savings or giro account
  • bjb bank e-channel facilities (bjb digi)
  • Transfer from other bank ATMs.

  • Normal Retirement
    Participant will receive the payout upon reaching the preferred retirement age within the initial membership agreement
  • Accelerated Retirement
    Participant will receive the payout at least 10 years prior to normal retirement age. This payout plan mostly used by participant for other urgency besides retirement savings, e.g. umrah, educational needs, holiday retirement etc.
  • Postponed Retirement
    This payout plan is allocated for participants who unable to paid monthly deposit before reaching Normal or Accelerated Retirement Age, so they can withdraw their investment once they reach the Normal or Accelerated Retirement Age
  • Retirement by Death
    Participants who died before reaching the minimum retirement age will get their beneficiary to receive the payout
  • Permanent Disability Retirement
    The disabled participant will receive the retirement payout funds, and close the retirement deposit

Benefit disbursement/payment process can be done at the nearest bjb service office (without having to match the account opening branch)

Each participant, both an independent/individual or group/collective participant will obtain proof of membership in the form of books and DPLK cards. The book can be printed out at the nearest bjb bank service office so that participants can find out their funds amount along with the existing development.

  • Monthly administration fee of Rp.825,-
  • Monthly fund management fee; 0.1% from accumulated funds
  • Withdrawal Fee 1% of the basic fee (if participant makes a partial withdrawal process)
  • Participants Transfer fee (if participants carry out the transfer process of other DPLK members)

25-year membership with , 7% development assumption, administration fee of Rp.825.-/month and 0.1% management fee/month:

Membership Period (Year) Total Amount of Fee (Rp) / month
100,000 150,000 250,000 500,000
1 1,327,572 1,943,337 3,174,866 6,253,691
2 2,638,578 3,906,698 6,422,938 12,783,538
3 4,027,487 5,986,727 9,905,206 19,701,406
4 5,498,929 8,190,356 13,573,212 27,030,351
5 7,057,807 10,524,931 17,459,180 34,794,802
6 8,709,318 12,998,233 21,576,062 43,020,636
7 10,458,967 15,618,505 25,937,581 51,735,271
8 12,312,584 18,394,480 30,558,272 60,967,752
9 14,276,347 21,335,410 35,453,536 70,748,851
10 16,356,803 24,451,099 40,639,690 81,111,168
11 18,560,885 27,751,929 46,134,018 92,089,241
12 20,895,939 31,248,904 51,954,834 103,719,660
13 23,369,748 34,953,678 58,121,538 116,041,189
14 25,990,557 38,878,599 64,654,683 129,094,895
15 28,767,101 43,036,749 71,576,045 142,924,286
16 31,708,635 47,441,988 78,908,693 157,575,455
17 34,824,963 52,108,997 86,677,065 173,097,235
18 38,126,470 57,053,332 94,907,054 189,541,359
19 41,624,162 62,291,472 103,626,090 206,962,636
20 45,329,696 67,840,876 112,863,234 225,419,131
21 49,255,423 73,720,040 122,649,274 244,972,359
22 53,414,426 79,948,559 133,016,825 265,687,490
23 57,820,568 86,547,193 144,000,443 287,633,568
24 62,488,534 93,537,935 155,636,736 310,883,739
25 67,433,884 100,944,085 167,964,488 335,515,496

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