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bank bjb has 940 service location who spread in 10 cities in Indonesia

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Kartu Debit

We offer bank bjb ATM cards as comfort and convenience that our customers as bank bjb Savings holders (Tandamata Gold, Simpeda or Tandamata) can enjoy. By using bank bjb ATM card, you can do various cash and non-cash banking transaction activities in thousands ATM networks withBersama and PRIMA/BCA ATM logo in all over Indonesia. Since September 2007, bank bjb ATM users can use shopping facilities at approximately in thousands EDC Machines that have PRIMA/ BCA logo.

By having bank bjb ATM Card, you will have a wide range ATM networks with realtime online access, so you can access it at any time 24/7.

We try to make our ATMs more efficient so that you as our customer find it easier to conduct any banking transactions without long queues, where you will get the following facilities:

  • Balance information
  • Change PIN
  • Cash withdrawal (free charge for cash withdrawals at ATMs with Bersama logo, PRIMA or BCA)
  • Interbjb bank account transfers
  • Realtime online interbank transfers between ATM Bersama and PRIMA Members
  • Debit Card Facility in collaboration with BCA Debit
  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Prepaid Electricity Token Purchase
  • Telkom Bill Payment (Home Phone, Flexi Postpaid and Speed)
  • Water Bill Payment (PDAM Kota Bandung)
  • Credit Card Bill Payment
  • Telkom Vision Cable TV Bill Payment
  • Student Education Fees Payment (UNPAD)
  • Balance Purchase

bank bjb ATM network is now becoming more reachable through Prima ATM networks. Bank bjb ATM card holders can now conduct CASH WITHDRAWAL and BALANCE CHECK transactions at ATMs with PRIMA logo such as ATM machines in BCA, Permata, NISP, BRI, Bukopin, and Sumse and other banks.

Bank bjb ATM network is now becoming more reachable through Bersama ATM networks. Bank bjb ATM card holders can now conduct CASH WITHDRAWAL, INTERBANK TRANSFERS and BALANCE CHECK transactions at ATMs with ATM BERSAMA logo such as Mega Bank, BNI, HS 1906 and other banks.

By having bank bjb ATM Card, we give you access with convenience in banking transactions including:

  • Serves as Debit Card
    • In collaboration with Prima/BCA Debit network, bank bjb ATM users can use their cards in thousands EDC machines
  • Cash withdrawals
    • You can make cash withdrawals anytime and anywhere, 24/7 at bank bjb ATMs, or ATMs that have BCA/PRIMA and Bersama logos without any charge for cash withdrawals.
  • Inter-bjb accounts remittance
    • Whatever your needs, anytime and anywhere, you can easily send money to other bank bjb account holders via bank bjb ATM.
  • Interbank Money Transfer (real time online)
    • Conduct real time online inter-bank transfer transactions through bank bjb ATM networks or bank with ATM BERSAMA and PRIMA logos.
  • Balance Information
    • With bank bjb ATM card you can check your account balance.

You can do all transactions mentioned above through Bersama, PRIMA and BCA ATM networks in all over Indonesia at anytime, 24/7 include holidays.

How to get bank bjb ATM card Submit for account opening at bank bjb and ask for bank bjb ATM card, then you will get benefits and convenience in your banking transactions.

Bank bjb ATM limit per day:
Trabsaction Type Silver Classic Gold
Cash withdrawal 5.000.000 7.500.000 10.000.000
Transfer 10.000.000 15.000.000 25.000.000
Debit PRIMA 5.000.000 7.500.000 10.000.000
*) or maximum 10 (ten) transactions

Jenis Kartu ATM dan/atau Kartu Debet Biaya Administrasi Bulanan Kartu ATM dan/atau Kartu Debet bank bjb (Rp)
Silver Rp. 7.500
Classic Rp. 12.500
Gold Rp. 15.000
Platinum Rp. 17.500

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