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Money Transfer

Money Transfer is one of bank service where the sending bank receives a mandate from a customer or community to send a sum of money for benefit of individuals/companies/customers elsewhere.

  • Provides convenience in making money transfer/payment transactions in rupiah at competitive costs
  • Safe and fast

  • Available at all bankbjb branch offices.
  • Available for customers or non-customers.
  • Recipients are bankbjb account holders, other bank accounts or with cash withdrawal.
  • Cash / Non-Cash deposit transfers

Clearing / SKBNI (Bank Indonesia National Clearing System), a national scale interbank remittance/transfer services where the length of funds received is in accordance with Bank Indonesia clearing’ provision.

BI - RTGS, a national scale interbank remittance/transfer service, wher funds can effectively received by the destination bank in minutes, as long as transaction is conducted before deadline.

Clearing Fee Types Clearing Fee Rates
Clearing Transfer Fee Rp. 2.900
Cheque/Giro Deposit Clearing Admin Fee Rp. 5.000
Clearing Repulsion Fee Rp. 135.000
Collection Fee Rp. 20.000

*) For more inquiry, please contact the nearest bankbjb Branch Office.
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