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bjb SiMuda

Savings plan for youth / students in Rupiah currency with monthly autodebit system within a certain period followed by life insurance protection.

  • Free to determine your investment goals such as education, travel, worship, retirement or whatever your goals might be
  • Period starts from 1 to 12 years (multiples of 12 months)
  • Flexibility in determining monthly deposit amount starts from Rp.100.000, - with a multiple of Rp.50.000.
  • Additional deposits can be made any time with transfer / book-entry mechanism / via ATM / internet/ SMS banking or cash deposit on counter teller
  • Get micro insurance facilities
  • Interest Rate 3.5% pa

Features Provision Bringin Life Ajaib Insurance
Premium Amount Rp 50.000,- per Year
Isurance Protection Period 1 Year
Maximum cost for hospital care due to an accident Rp 1.000.000,-
Death due to illness (natural death) Rp 1.500.000,-
Death due to an accident Rp 50.000.000,-

- Insurance premium paid annually, whereas premium payments in the first year are free (borne by the bank). For the following year until period of Tandamata SiMuda bjb ended, premium payment will be borne by the customer.

  • Individual customers
  • Identity card: valid ID card (KTP)
  • Own a main account as source of funds (bank bjb Savings / Giro Account)
  • Available Savings Type: Tandamata, Tandamata Gold, Business, Simpeda, Savings and Giro

bjb SiMuda Investasiku

For you millennials who want to realize your future plans, there are various Money Market Mutual Fund products to choose. Money Market Mutual Fund is an Investment Fund that only invests in domestic money market instruments and/or debt securities issued with a period less than 1 (one) year and/or maturity is less than 1 (one) year.

  • Designed for individual customers from 18-30 years
  • Customers must own source of funds account (bjb Savings/Giro)
  • Available in Rupiah Currency
  • Type of mutual fund invested is Money Market Mutual Funds
  • Minimum monthly mutual fund installation Rp. 100.000
  • Free installation fee
  • Minimum tenor of 1 year, maximum 12 years
  • Minimum mutual fund resale of Rp. 100.000
  • Free purchase / resale costs
  • Mutual fund resale can be done partially

  • Fill out Individual Mutual Fund Application Form
  • Fill out Mutual Fund Installment Form
  • Mutual Fund Permodal Profile
  • Risk Declaration from Mutual Fund investors
  • Micro Insurance Facility Participation Form
  • Copy of valid Identity Card (KTP) by showing the authentic one

Benefits & Provisions 50 Bringin Ajaib Micro Insurance
Premium 50.000*
Normal Death Benefits 1.500.000
Accidental Death Benefits 50.000.000
Hospital Treatment Costs 1.000.000 *
Cara pembayaran Dibayar sekaligus
Insurance Period 12 Months
Age Limit 1 Month - 64 Month
Acceptance Automatic
* First year premium is borne by the bank, second and following year premium will be charged to the customer
** Hospital treatment costs due to an accident

Premium payment for the next following year will ended once bjb Tandamata SiMuda being borne by the customer.

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