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The Company continues to improve the quality and professional capabilities of its human resources, one of which is through more selective and competitive recruitment selection process with the aim of obtaining competent, superior, reliable and tough employees.

During 2019, the company has recruited 534 new employees, which the amount is in line with the company's business growth in 2019. Employee recruitment that has been carried out in 2019, was opened through various recruitment channels as follows:

Employee recruitment program for college fresh graduates to meet the needs of Bank employees at staff level (Frontliner/Backoffice).

Employee recruitment programs through education and training specifically designed for bachelor graduates, prioritized to fill professional positions in Information Technology field.

Employee recruitment program through education and training specifically designed for bachelor graduates in order to form future cadres of bank bjb leaders.

Recruitment of experienced employees who have certain competence and experience and are relevant to certain fields of position according to the Bank's needs.

Coaching and education programs provided to the best and outstanding students (in accordance with the criteria established by the Bank) in universities who have collaborated with the Bank to create prospective employees who are professional, reliable and ready to work at the Bank.

  • The entire selection and recruitment process for bank bjb is free of charge.
  • The decision of bank bjb selection and recruitment committee is inviolable.
  • Other questions regarding recruitment, can be submitted via email:

  1. Registration of job applications can only be done online, via
  2. Applicants fill the forms, basic personal data, educational history, work experience, etc. Based on what the form required
  3. After filling the forms, applicants will get a user account and may keep it neatly
  4. Bank bjb opens job vacancies based on the Recruitment menu. User Account owners only need to login to their own account and click Apply on the desired and appropriate job position

To become a development center for excellent bankers with integrity to support the establishment of corporations with sustainable competitive advantages
Establish and develop learning programs that are in line with bank bjb business goals and strategies
Conduct and integrate learning programs by implementing blended learning solutions blended learning solution
Improve employee leadership through character development and integrity based on GO SPIRIT's corporate culture
Encourage optimization of employee performance through enhancing employee capabilities which include Technical, professional, managerial and leadership skills
Increase the capability and capacity of bjb's human resources in planned, adaptive and innovative sustainable manner

Training needs identification
Participant identification

Group policy & development program

Determining curriculum & syllabus
Determining teaching material methods & strategies

Group Policy & Program Development and Academic Group

Syllabus & curriculum review
Review methods & teaching materials
Coordination with SME
Make exam questions

Academic Group & Trainer Specialist

Implementation of learning programs
Financing Administration

Group Operasional & Trainer Specialist

Evaluation of learning programs and outcomes
Monitoring & evaluation conducted through system (e-learning)

Monitoring & Evaluation Group

Inhouse Training

Training program organized by the bank in determining participants’ training topics, instructors, training venues, and their own equipment

Public Training

Training programs conducted by external parties, as well as instructor where the training venue is also determined by the external parties

Others Programs

bjb My Development & Certification


Total training events until December 31, 2019 were 751/376
(199%) event

Inhouse Training 280 Event
Public Training 465 Event
bjb My Development - Event


Total training participants until December 2019 were 9984/9113
(109%) Participants

Inhouse Training 7.749 Participants
Public Training 2.226 Participants
bjb My Development - Participants


Total budget for training realization until December 2019 was 73.289 /
117.540 million (62%)

Inhouse Training 58.877 Selection
Public Training 14.412 Selection
bjb My Development - Selection

Man day

Man days pelatihan / Early Warning Until 31 December 2019
by 6,00 Days from Target 3,72 Days

Man days / Early Warning is a component in BSC. Calculation of early warning within one unit is the number of training days divided by number of employees in one unit.


Total Coverage
until December 31, 2019
was 69%

Total number of bjb employees who had been trained until December 31, 2019 were 8% of 7653 employees (ie 5283 employees)


Total Manrisk Certification for Compulsory SMR Position
December 31, 2018 was 43%

Total bjb employees who have attended SMR
as of December 31, 2019 were 542 employees out of 1252 employees

Organizational Structure

Change Leader

Division Leader as a Change Leader is very concerned about the implementation of Go Spirit culture, as it proven by each activity that will be implemented in accordance with the provisions and company culture

Change Coordinator

Group leader as Change Coordinator is very concerned about the implementation of Go Spirit culture, as it proven by defining policies or instruction from Division leaders as Change Leaders in each activity that will be implemented in accordance with the provisions and company culture

Change Agent

Change Agent is very concerned about the implementation of Go Spirit culture, as it proven by defining policies or instruction from Division leaders as Change Leaders and directly monitor its implementation in each activity that will be implemented in accordance with the provisions and company culture

Targeted Goals
100% bjb University
budget utilization
Attitude to Build
Understand bjb University targets that must be achieved
Keen to improve bank bjb employees’ competencies

Cultural Program Activities that must be carried out
Cultural Program Go bjb My Development
Description Each bjb University employee is targeted to manage at least 2 work units (Division, Unit, Regional Office or Branch) to implement bjb Development program
Objective 100% bjb University budget utilization
Implementation Mechanism Each bjb University employee is divided into 2 Work Units to be monitored from the submission step to the implementation
Success Indicator All bank bjb’s work units have implemented bjb My Development
Monitoring Methods Monthly monitoring
Enforcement Methods Minimum 2 Work Units handled per bjb University employee

Cultural programs that build active learning behavior Targeted Goals

Establishment of bjb University employee culture for active learning related to their work and other fields

Attitude to Build
  • Able to present in front of coworkers
  • Sharing knowledge with colleagues
Cultural Program Activities that must be carried out:
Cultural Program Sharing Moment
Description Sharing Knowledge
Objective Improve employees’ presentation skills and knowledge
Implementation Mechanism Once 4T program is done, followed by sharing moments
Success Indicator Implement 4x within 1 month
Monitoring Methods Regular Minutes
Enforcement Methods Sharing Moment regularly

Cultural programs with adjusted themes with needs and benefits of each work unit, including key aspects such as money goals to be achieved, character to build and cultural program activities that must be carried out. Attitude to Build
  • Able to socialize and interact with fellow employees
  • Foster a sense of togetherness and brotherhood
Cultural Program Activities that must be carried out:
Cultural Program bjb Ngariung
Description Regular Gathering & Togethernes
Objective Increase employee togetherness and engagement
Implementation Mechanism Implement gathering events (coffee, watching, dining, etc)
Success Indicator Implement 1x within 1 month
Monitoring Methods Photo Documentation
Enforcement Methods Regular Gathering

Human Capital

Human Capital of the Bank is managed by Human Capital Division led by Mr. Dadan Yonanda. Organizationally, the Human Capital Division is under the responsibility of the Operations Director. The organizational structure of the Human Capital Division is as follows.

The Bank believes that human resources serve as one of the determinants for the success of the Bank’s performance. Various achievements and positive growth of the bank bjb, among others, resulted from the performance of both the Bank itself and its employees as well. Therefore, the Bank considers that its human capital should be managed in a well-planned and sustainable manner. In managing the potential of human resources, bank bjb maintains its Human Capital Concept Framework which begins with the following vision, mission and values:

Human Capital Vision

To become a strategic patner to archieve the best perfomance.

Human Capital Mision
  1. Creating bjb personnel who are excellent, realiable, and resilient.
  2. Providing strategic direction for human capital to employees so as to enable them to perform well, create and grow as a team.
  3. Improvising Organizational growth on an ongoing basis so as to improve employee welfare.

The vision and mission serve as a reference for bjb people in order to shape the culture of bjb people in accordance with the Bank's culture as follows :

Go Spirit
  • Service Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Trust

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