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bank bjb has 940 service location who spread in 10 cities in Indonesia

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bank bjb is a BUMD bank owned by the West Java and Banten Provincial Governments headquartered in Bandung.

Vision and Mission

Become the 10 largest banks and perform well in Indonesia. Drivers and Drivers of Regional Economic Rate Carrying Out Regional Money Storage One Source of Local Revenue.

Company Profile

The vision and mission has been approved and determined by the Board of Commissioners and Directors through the Forum held specifically to discuss the matter.
Company Name PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten, Tbk.
Business Field Banking
Legal basis of establishment Deed No. 4 of 1999 made before Ny. Popy Kuntari Sutresna SH. Notary in Bandung on April 8, 1999, following the Deed of Amendment Number 8 dated April 15, 1999 which was approved by the Indonesian Minister of Justice on April 16, 1999, the legal form of Bank Jabar was changed from Regional Company (PD) to Limited Liability Company (PT).
Date of establishment 20 May 1961
Ownership Local Government of West Java Province (38.26%), Banten Provincial Government (5.3%), City-Regency Government in West Java (23.61%), City Governments of Se-Banten Regency (7.76%) and Public ( 25%)
Authorized Capital Rp.
Capital placed and fully paid A total of 9.696.291.166 shares with a nominal value of Rp. 2.424.072.791.500
Listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 8 July 2010
Stock Code BJBR
Data of subsidiaries
  • bank bjb Syariah (98,89%) - Perbankan
  • PT BPR Intan Jabar (36,91%) - Perbankan
  • PT BPR Karya Utama Jabar (41,98%) - Perbankan
Number of Office Networks
  • 1 Head Office
  • 65 Branch Office
  • 309 Helper Branch Office
  • 340 Cash Office
  • 152 Payment Point
  • 11 Mobile Car Cash
  • 1.386 ATM Bank bjb
  • 11 Precious Service
  • 6 UMKM/PESAT Centers
  • 11 Weekend Banking
Company Email
Call Center 14049
Contact Address
  • Divisi Corporate Secretary
  • Menara bank bjb
  • Jl.Naripan No.12-14 Bandung 40111
  • Tel :(+6222)-4234868
  • Fax :(+6222)-4206099
  • Call Center : 14049
  • Website :
  • Email :

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Contact Us

bank bjb Head Office
Menara bank bjb
Divisi Corporate Secretary
Jl.Naripan No. 12-14
Bandung - 40111
bank bjb Contact
Telp : 022-4234868
Fax : 022-4206099

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