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17 July 2020

Bank bjb Synergies with Cirebon Regency Government in Distributing Aid to The Islamic Boarding Schools

CIREBON – bank bjb and Cirebon Regency Government distributed aid packages to Islamic boarding schools in Cirebon Regency. The humanitarian aid was distributed through Rabithah Ma'ahid Islamiyah (RMI) Branch Manager of Cirebon Regency Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) at Cirebon Regent's Hall on Thursday (07/16/2020).

The aid is given to encourage the efforts of central and regional governments to accelerate the handling of COVID-19, especially in Islamic boarding schools where students studied. Aid packages provided include vitamins, a sink and cash.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb, Widi Hartoto, said the company's effort was a form of bank bjb concern for others. As an institution that is part of the community, bank bjb wants to make a social contribution to those in need.

"As an agent of national change, bank bjb has a social responsibility to provide encouragement for the community along with the Company’s capacity and function. Concrete humanitarian measures have been consistently implemented by us and will continue to be pursued especially for those who need support, especially when we’re still in COVID-19 pandemic outbreak," said Widi.

The aid package given to Islamic Boarding School is expected to facilitates Cirebon Regency COVID-19 Task Force to anticipate the spread and reduce the negative impact of COVID-19, also support the change of Cirebon Regency t zone to a green zone. It is expected that the Islamic Boarding School who become recipients can make the most of the assistance provided to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Besides bank bjb, assistance for the boarding school was also earned from Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Cirebon Regenct where they provide as many as five sinks.

The implemented humanitarian effort by bank bjb received a warm welcome from the regional head. Cirebon Regent Imron Rosyadi together with RMI PCNU Chairperson of Cirebon Regency, Badrudin Hambali expressed his gratitude for bank bjb participation in supporting the prosperity of Islamic Boarding School residents through the assistance provided.

The aid package provided by bank bjb extends the list of company’s contributions to the acceleration of COVID-19 outbreak. As is known, since COVID-19 was named as a pandemic, bank bjb immediately moved quickly to respond the situation by supporting those in need.

This assistance is provided to a number of groups such as medical personnel, social care institutions, and other groups of citizens who are vulnerable to economic impacts in various regions of the country. Bank bjb also strengthened the synergy with local government through a quick and responsive contribution in COVID-19 handling.

Not only through social action, bank bjb has contributed to the acceleration of national economic recovery (PEN) in accordance with the instructions of central government to anticipate the impact of COVID-19. Several programs have been issued by the company, including credit restructuring and empowering MSMEs via Integrated Community Economic Empowerment Program (PESAT) to encourage the sustainability of country's economy.


bank bjb

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