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23 July 2020

bank bjb Trains BUMDes to become Tax Consultants

SUBANG – bank bjb together with Subang Regency Government held technical training (bimtek) to the management of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) so they could perfprm their duties as tax consultants from community. The taxation technical training was held on Wednesday (7/22/2020).

Bimtek was attended by the Head of bank bjb Subang Branch Office (KC) Muhammad Iyon, Head of Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) of Subang Regency, Dadang Kurniudin, Head of PUEM Division Subang Wawan Suwirta Community Empowerment Office, and Head of Data Collection and Assessment P3DW Samsat Subang Ahmad Zayyidin Ansori.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb, Widi Hartoto said the tax training for BUMDes officials is deliberately carried out to encourage participation in village citizens' tax payments. With a good understanding, BUMDes management will be able to provide tax recommendations for the community.

"This step is an effort from bank bjb and the government to increasingly raise awareness of the importance of paying taxes. As one of the sources of regional income, taxes have become an important element in society welfare programs. Therefore, society must also understand the importance of taxes," said Widi

This Bimtek is part of the follow-up cooperation between West Java Provincial Bapeda and Bapenda of Subang Regency in a collaborative program to intensify payment of Land and Building Taxes for Rural and Urban (PBB-P2) and Motorized Vehicle Tax (PKB) through BUMDes.

With this collaboration, BUMDes in Subang Regency has officially become one of the PKB and PBB-P2 payment channels. The existence of BUMDes as one of the payment channels extends the PKB and PBB-P2 payment options for bank bjb, which so far have been available through tellers, ATMs, EDCs, and bjb DIGI or Payment Point Online Banking (PPOB) which have collaborated with bank bjb, which include Indomaret, Alfamart, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Traveloka and PT Pos. 

Practically, citizens as taxpayers can directly conduct payment to BUMDes. After conducting a payment, taxpayers will get receipt. Proof of payment receipt issued by BUMDes has the same legality status as the PBB Payment Receipt (STTS). Besides receiving payment, BUMDes will also present as public tax consulting services.

The tax payment program via BUMDes has been running for two quarters. During this time, there were 4,260 transactions at bank bjb PPOB BUMDes. This shows how high public enthusiasm for bank bjb’s breakthrough bjb in the tax sector.

In Bimtek, awards were also given to 3 BUMDes with most PKB and PBB-2 transactions,  namely BUMDes Bojongloa Sejahtera, BUMDes Munjul Jaya, and BUMDes Gurat Bumi. The awarding is regularly carried out every quarter to encourage transaction activities in BUMDes as a source of PAD income through PKB and PBB-P2 payments.


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