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18 August 2020

Bank bjb webinar Shares the Secret Tips for Successful Flooding Order to MSMEs

CIREBON – Every business actor certainly wants the products they market to receive a positive response and be pursued by consumers. However, not infrequently, the expected results have not been obtained even though all considered marketing strategies may have been tried, either conventionally or via social media through various platforms such as from Facebook, Instagram, to WhatsApp. If it’s true, we will wonder, what on earth went wrong? Are there any steps we missed? Or maybe we're impatient?

These questions are common to haunt the mind of business people, especially MSMEs, which use social media platforms as a means to sell their products. Those whose businesses have grown and got a good reputation certainly have their own business formulations. However, MSMEs who have not succeeded in making sales consistently will be haunted by confusion or even frustration.

To provide alternative solutions for MSMEs who are experiencing online marketing deadlock, bank bjb holds a special webinar that thoroughly examines promotional strategies and factors that affect product demand from consumers. The webinar was held on Friday (14/8/2020), via the ZOOM Cloud Meetings application.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that this webinar is part of Friday Business Online Talk agenda which is regularly held every week by the company. The training, is a derivative of Community Economic Empowerment (PESAT) program of the bank bjb UMKM Division.

"Bank is committed to providing full support to MSME players through various facilities and programs owned by the company. MSMEs are one of the bank's main partners in realizing the vision of create better social welfare. Therefore, banks will continue to provide support in various forms according to the company’s capacity and function to the MSME players," said Widi. 

"How to Succeed in Flood Order" webinar was presented by Deputy Dean of the  Faculty of Economics (FE) Gunung Jati Swadaya University (UGJ) & Vice Academic Commerce & Financing ICSB Cirebon City, Moh. Yudi Mahadianto. The webinar shares "secret tips" for the success of flooding orders through digital marketing strategies to MSME players in Cirebon area.

On this occasion, Yudi explained various factors that affect the effectiveness of promotion on social media for product sales, including the importance of entrepreneurs to identify the character of users of various different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp so that products can be marketed to the appropriate target by necessity. 

Moreover, Yudi also shared the "secret tips" of how to successfully market products in an effective and efficient manner but can provide optimal results. The "secret tips" must be carried out correctly and followed by fighting spirit and an unyielding spirit.

It is expected that the webinar held by bank bjb will provide additional new insight for MSME players, especially in facing business horizons in the new habits adaptation period (AKB). It is also expected that the training can become a fuel to the business enthusiasm of MSME players who are participants keep burning even more. 


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