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28 August 2020

Free for Bandung MSMEs bank bjb Webinar Discusses Digital Marketing Strategies via Landing Pages

BANDUNG – Digital marketing has now become one of the new trends that are favored by business people, especially MSMEs as part of a promotional strategy. There are many ways you can choose to do digital marketing, and product marketing using social media platforms is lately one of the most popular methods since it is considered the easiest one to access.

But, is social media the most effective platform for digital marketing? Besides social media, there are actually many other digital marketing models available, ranging from free to tariff fixing. But this marketing model beyond the use of social media is still unknown. In fact, not a few of them can be tried as an alternative means of digital marketing, at relatively friendly costs for MSME players.

In order to provide an overview of the potential digital marketing model for MSMEs, bank bjb held a Friday Business Online Talk webinar which discussed the effectiveness and procedures for marketing virtual stores. The webinar was held on Friday (28/8/2020) via ZOOM Clouds Meeting application specifically for MSME players in Bandung area.

This webinar called "How to Manage Digital Marketing Assets and Create a Landing Page" will discuss landing page marketing options that are considered as reliable alternative. This webinar will be hosted by an Internet Marketer who is also Ganjar Kersana's Certified Google Video Ads.

"Through this webinar, we try to explore various possible digital marketing strategies that are reliable and accessible for MSME players. We understand that the increasingly complex development of digital technology rises opportunities as well as challenges for the business world. Therefore, business actors, especially MSMEs must have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of digital technology, especially those related to marketing strategies so that their business can produce something optimally," said Widi Hartoto, head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb

As is known, landing page is page that specifically designed by marketers to attract audiences who click on promotional ads displayed on various digital media platforms. In digital marketing, this landing page plays a crucial role as an entry point for the audience as potential consumers to get attracted with the products to be sold.

This webinar will specifically dissect a landing page from various sides, both in terms of strengths and weaknesses. It will also discuss how landing pages work in detail, the level of effectiveness in attracting potential customers, managing business digital assets for promotional purposes.

Let's join as participant on bank bjb Online Business Friday Talk. Free! For registration, MSME entrepreneurs can contact Bandung MSME Center on 082113419761 or 082113479047 by send message format with register, name, address, and type of business. Applicants will receive guidance on how to use ZOOM Cloud Meetings application from the committee.


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