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16 September 2020

Succeeding PEN, bank bjb Distributes Village Funds in Bekasi Regency

BEKASI –Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak that hit Indonesia giving a serious impact on the socio-economic and health conditions of society, including those who reside in villages. As an effort to anticipate the economic impact, government on both central and regional levels, have continuously provide various social safety net programs, intended for all societies.

Those types of assistance are channeled in order to provide social protection for affected residents, including village residents through the COVID-19 village funds distribution for poor families, people who have lost their livelihoods, suffer from chronic diseases, and have not yet registered as recipients of other government social assistance. 

The village funds distribution program for handling COVID-19 has been started since April 2020 in various regions, one of which is Bekasi Regency, which has continuously provided with direct cash assistance (BLT) to village funds for handling COVID-19 since this program began.

In its implementation, Bekasi Regency Government cooperates with bank bjb Cikarang Branch Office (KC) as the aid distributor bank which is part of this program to accelerate national economic recovery (PEN). Every month, bank bjb distributes village funds to around 42 thousand recipients spread across 180 villages in all over Bekasi Regency. 

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb Widi Hartoto said bank bjb was involved in ensuring this village fund distribution program is running in line with its exact target. Bank bjb employees were also involved by participating directly to the field to handed out ATM cards as a means of distributing aid funds to the public. 


"In accordance with our commitment in encouraging various economic recovery programs launched by the government, bank bjb provides full support so that the programs run can be implemented as well as possible. We hope that the benefits of this program can be felt optimally by the community to fulfill their needs and stimulate the regional economy," said Widi.

Funds distribution through the utilization of electronic banking facility was chosen so that the program runs effectively and efficiently, so that the potential crowd can be minimized. The public can withdraw funds at the nearest bank bjb ATM for 24 hours non-stop while still implementing health protocols.

While distributing ATM card facilities, bank bjb also ensures that health protocols are strictly implemented so that piles of queues can be avoided. The distribution of cards was carried out per hamlet to avoid mass piles. The distribution went well where the community adhered to the prevailing health protocols such as wearing masks and maintaining their distance. 

The distribution of BLT village funds for COVID-19 handling was also attended by community organizations, village officials, bank officers, DPMD representatives and security officers so that the distribution atmosphere was ensured to be conducive. With bank bjb ATM card facility, it is expected to facilitates residents to receive monthly assistance.

The disbursement of BLT funds was carried out in two stages. For stage 1, BLT disbursements are received in the form of cash worth Rp.600.000 per month which can be disbursed through bank bjb ATMs in April, May and June. Meanwhile, for stage 2 recipients received assistance worth Rp. 300.000 per month which is disbursed through bank bjb ATMs in July, August and September.


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