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28 September 2020

MSME Champion bank bjb Prepares Entrepreneurs in Sukabumi to Welcome Economic Recovery

SUKABUMI – bank bjb held socialization for Champion MSMEs as well as providing integrated provision for entrepreneurs in Sukabumi City so that they could be better in anticipating national economic recovery (PEN) with optimism and a new business paradigm.

This provision was conducted through a discussion on "Economic Recovery for MSME Players and Early Warning System" held at bank bjb Sukabumi Branch Office, West Java, on Thursday (25/9/2020) as a continuation of the opening of MSMEs Champion which was attended by Sukabumi Mayor Achmad Fahmi and head of bank bjb Sukabumi Branch Office Nurrachman Wijaya.

This debriefing activity was opened by Head of Industry Division of Sukabumi City Cooperative, UMKM, Trade and Industry Office, Yadi Erlangga, and was attended by West Java MSME Coordinator, Sukabumi City Champion, Puji Rahayu, 6 assistants, and 25 MSME players. While the debriefing material for MSME players was provided by MSME Practitioner and Trainer Eko Pramana Putra. 


Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that this provision is crucial thing for MSME players so that they are better in facing business challenges during the New Habit Adaptation (AKB) period. The existence of COVID-19 pandemic which gives wide impact on various life aspects forces business people to adapt quickly if they don't want to be crushed by the wheels of change.

"bank bjb realizes that MSMEs are one of the sectors that are most vulnerable to crisis, especially for crisis with extraordinary scale such as those caused by COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, MSMEs play an important role as the backbone of national economy. Therefore, we are committed to continue providing all encouragement in various forms to MSMEs so that they can survive and even develop their business in the midst of challenging situations," said Widi. 

In line with the headline of discussion, MSME players were given an understanding of the economic recovery program which is currently being intensified by the government in which MSMEs are the most prioritized sector for being taken care of. The strategies for economic recovery and an early warning system that can be implemented by business actors are explained so that they can turn challenges into opportunities to develop their businesses.

bank bjb also encourages business actors to take advantage of financing facilities provided by bank to strengthen the foundation of business capital, as provisions for accelerating growth and increasing business scale. Various friendly financing products for MSME players are socialized so that they utilized it optimally. 


Various bank bjb MSME Credit products include Main Micro Loans, Small and Medium Business Loans, Cinta Rakyat Loans, Usaha Rakyat Loans, Prosperous Economic Community Credit (Mesra), and Warehouse Receipt Subsidy Schemes. These various types of credit are recommended to be utilized by MSME players according to their business conditions and needs. bank bjb also provides financing consultations for business actors who wish to use the business capital credit facility so that it can be tailored to their abilities and needs.

Apart from financing, bank bjb also continues to play an active role in encouraging economic recovery for MSME players through various company-owned Integrated Community Economic Empowerment (PESAT) programs. Bjb PESAT program includes PESAT New Entrepreneur, PESAT Business Capacity, and PESAT Healthy & Productive, which all include training, outreach and business assistance session. 

During COVID-19 pandemic, bank bjb also developed PESAT program by presenting derivative programs such as Inspiration SMS, WhatsApp Learning, Rapid Learning Bulletin, Business Consultation, and Online Business Talk to create superior MSME newborns who are ready to compete in various situations, including COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, bank bjb specifically made the Strengthening of National, Tough and Prosperous Economy (PENtas) program as a reference frame for PEN program which involved bank bjb. This series of programs is designed in an integrated manner to provide optimal benefits in encouraging national economic recovery, especially for MSME players.


bank bjb

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