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06 October 2020

bank bjb Distributes Mesra Credit to Congregations of Temple in Bogor

BOGOR – bank bjb distributes financing facilities without collateral for Prosperous Economic Community (Mesra) Credit to a number of congregants of Hok Tek Bio Temple, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency, West Java. Loan disbursement was carried out at a house of worship on Tuesday (29/9/2020).

This financing distribution has been carried out many times. Previously, bank bjb had disbursed Mesra Credit at Hok Tek Bio Temple since 2018. This umpteenth time disbursement indicates the high public interest in financing products developed based on the collaboration between bank bjb and West Java Provincial Government.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that the distribution of credit to MSMEs was carried out to encourage the efforts of people with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) so that they can get capital injections to increase their business scale. Disbursement of credit during COVID-19 pandemic is also part of the implementation of bjb PENtas (Strengthening of the National Economy, Resilience and Prosperity) program to accelerate National Economic Recovery (PEN) program. 


"As a driving agent, we always carry out our responsibility to provide full support for community as best as possible, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, where MSME players really need help to strengthen their business capital structure from the crisis threat. We will also ensure that this financing distribution can provide the best possible benefit so that business actors can expand their business scale," said Widi.

Bank bjb support for MSME actors is not only provided through financing facilities, but also through counseling and business assistance for partners. Through a series of assistance carried out, bank bjb wants to ensure that business actors can make the best use of capital access that has been obtained. Assistance will also give sustainable impact on business actors.

To access business capital through Credit Mesra, West Java people can apply by forming groups with a minimum 5 members and maximum 10 people. Each person in the group can apply for credit up to Rp.5 million. This loan is intended for MSMEs in West Java, especially micro-scale businesses with a maximum period of 12 months. People who are interested in applying for loans only need to prepare requirements in the form of valid ID card (KTP), Family Certificate (KK) and marriage certificate for those who are married. 

This loan also only charges an administrative fee that is paid in advance and the principal installments are paid until the loan period ends. Before the loan is granted, business actors who have met the requirements will first be given a selection of microfinance training to improve the quality of MSME actors in West Java.

The ease of facilities offered makes Credit Mesra a constant superior product. Since it was first launched in late 2018, the amount of Mesra Credit financing that has been distributed has reached 2,802 beneficiaries through 202 places of worship and 383 groups spread across 105 sub-districts in 22 cities and regencies.

bank bjb also has an Integrated Community Economic Empowerment (PESAT) program which is designed to provide education and assistance to entrepreneurs. During COVID-19 pandemic, bank bjb also developed tPESAT program by presenting derivative programs such as Inspiration SMS, Learning WhatsApp, Rapid Learning Bulletin, Business Consultation, and Online Business Talk to create superior MSME actors who are ready to compete in various situations, including COVID-19 pandemic.


bank bjb

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