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15 December 2020

bank bjb Wins 2020 Business Indonesia Award

BANDUNG – bank bjb continues to complete collections in the company's award cabinet towards the close of 2020. Most recently, bank bjb is entrusted to win a prestigious award in 2020 Business Indonesia Award (BIA) with category of The Most Resilience Bank. The award was virtually received by Director of Finance Risk Management bank bjb Nia Kania on Monday (14/12/2020).

2020 BIA award is an appreciation received by the company for the umpteenth time throughout 2020 which was full of challenges. The success of brilliant performance shown by bank bjb in challenging years, especially with COVID-19 pandemic, made the 2020 BIA judges not too difficult to determine bank bjb as one of the award recipients in this prestigious event.

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi said the sweet incisions obtained by bank bjb from the beginning to the end of 2020 prove that the company's performance is constantly stay on track as expected. Yuddy said that positive achievements amid various economic challenges, including COVID-19, could be obtained thanks to the combination of factors between the totality of performance and the quality of company's strategy in facing various challenges.

"The business performance made by bank bjb is always based on the vision of quality and sustainable growth. It is not an easy thing to maintain high level of performance, especially in the midst of challenging times, however, armed with maturity and totality in executing strategy, bank bjb has in fact been able to show good performance in recent years. Over time, coupled with an increase in the quality of human resources and commitment to constantly innovate, it is expected that the positive trend of bank bjb will always be maintained and show its spikes even more, "said Yuddy.

The 2020 BIA award is given to issuers who for their hard work have made brilliant performance and achievements, and have consistency to stay in the corridor of good business practices. The event that has been held for the last 18 years has become the highest award for public company that has been able to maintain and even improve its performance. 

The 2020 BIA assessment is calculated based on periodic financial report from 2017 to September 2020. Those periods were a phase of business growth which was full of challenges, especially for the company's financial performance. Issuers who for their hard work, have recorded brilliant performance and achievements, and have consistency in staying within the corridors of good business practices, should receive appreciation. That is the main reason for BIA establishment.

In accordance with the current conditions of nation business world 2020 BIA carried the theme 'Resilience in Pandemic'. This theme is set to give appreciation to issuers who are able to survive and achieve excellent growth in the era of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak which has a negative impact on national economic conditions.

The achievement of bank bjb performance is indeed quite satisfying, especially in 2020 which is faced with pandemic challenges. Until the third quarter of 2020, bank bjb on a consolidated basis succeeded in obtaining a net profit of Rp1.2 trillion during the third half of 2020, or grew by 5.9% year-on-year (y-o-y). This profit growth was followed by assets that grew 19.4% y-o-y to Rp147.6 trillion. Loan disbursement, which was the profit driver for the third quarter of 2020, also grew by 8.7% y-o-y with a total value of Rp.94.6 trillion.

The appointment of bank bjb as the winner of 2020 BIA award proves that the company has good financial strength to encourage the company to grow sustainably and be able to increase its assets and profitability. Moreover, bank bjb is growing as a company that complies with regulations and is accountable.



bank bjb

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