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16 December 2020

bank bjb Sets the MURI Record for ASN Investment in West Java

BANDUNG – bank bjb set a record through an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the first regional bank to facilitate investment for state civil apparatus (ASN). This record is obtained after the company succeeded in gathering hundreds of investors who served as civil servants in West Java Provincial Government recently.

The MURI award was given on Tuesday (15/12/2020) at Papandayan Meeting Room, Gedung Sate, Bandung City, West Java. The award presented by the Senior Manager of Indonesian Record Museum Yusuf Ngadri and it was received by the Director of Information Technology, Treasury & International Banking of bank bjb Rio Lanasier, attended by the Regional Secretary of West Java Province Setiawan Wangsaatmaja, Head of ROE and Investment Bureau of West Java Province I Gusti Agung Kim Fajar Wiyati and President Director of PT. Phintraco Sekuritas Jeffry Hendrik. This award was also received directly by the President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi.

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi said this award is a real appreciation given by MURI as the institution that initiated the most credible records in the country, this also shows the extraordinary steps of bank bjb in progressing to improve the economy, especially through various breakthroughs in the investment sector.

"bank bjb is grateful and at the same time thanks MURI for giving an award in the form of a historical record as the first regional development bank to facilitate ASN to investing in the capital market. As if the tit for tat, the leaps made by the company have received tremendous appreciation. We are committed to continue to take leap after leap as an effort to improve quality and optimize contribution, especially to improve the economy," said Yuddy.

The award from MURI was obtained thanks to the success of bank bjb in collecting investments in West Java Provincial Government ASN where the total number of opening securities accounts and customer fund accounts by ASN in West Java reached 647 accounts.

The collection of securities accounts was made thanks to a seminar initiated by West Java Provincial Secretariat called "Strengthening the Domestic Economy through Investment Offerings in the Capital Market for ASNs in West Java Province". According to the title, the event, which was held on November 24-25, 2020, wanted to invite ASNs to contribute to strengthening the domestic economy through stock investment. In addition, bank bjb was also involved in the roadshow for socialization of capital market investment to ASN in 30 regional apparatus in West Java which took place from November 30 to December 11, 2020.

bank bjb as a regionally owned enterprise (ROE) as well as share issuer of West Java residents is here to offer investment schemes to the West Java Provincial Government ASNs. The offer is given by opening a securities account through Bank bjb Customer Fund Account (RDN) facility. This bank bjb RDN facility can be used by institutional customers as well as individuals, including ASNs in government institutions.


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