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22 January 2021

MSMEs Getting More Ahead Thanks to bank bjb PEN injection

BANDUNG – The enthusiasm of economic actors in the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak continues to increase. This can be seen in various MSMEs, especially in West Java and Banten areas, such as Bandung City. MSMEs actors seemed more eager to try to get capital injection assistance and from the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN), which was channeled by the government through bank bjb.

One of them is Seru Coffee. In the midst of Covid-19 outbreak and hitting MSME players, Seru Coffee was able to made business performance improvement. In fact, they are planning to expand their business overseas. "The presence of fund injection from bank bjb has made my business not only able to survive amid the pandemic, but also growing until there are plans to create overseas branches, more precisely, in Perth Australia," said the owner of Seru Coffee Dave Julian Soepriyadi, when met on his business spot, Jalan Sarimanis, Bandung City, a while ago.

Dave said, since it was first opened in 2018, Seru Coffee has actually been able to progressing really well so that it is able to open several branches in Bandung City. After that, Seru Coffee is able to expand outside of Bandung such as Jakarta, Solo, Semarang, even to Manado. Unfortunately, the presence of  Covid-19 pandemic had once detained his business. Although it rises back to survive. In fact, he himself has the desire to open another business abroad.

In the midst of his business progress which was hindered by the pandemic, bank bjb was then here to provide a solution for injecting PEN funds to make Seru Coffee survive and able to progressing again. This made Dave's enthusiasm grows back and anticipates the future of Kopi Seru development with more confidence. "I really need assistance from bank bjb for my business development. Because if my business grows, of course it will also have a lot of impact on other sectors. For example, creating job vacancies, empowering coffee farmers, and of course all parties involved in the supply chain for what this business requires," he said. 

As is well known, bank bjb itself consistently contributes to accelerate national economic recovery (PEN) through various agendas and programs that are implemented, distributing disaster assistance, conducting training and mentoring to MSME business actors as well as distribution and expansion of credit that benefits the portion of the placement of state income according to PMK number 104/PMK.05/2020 concerning the placement of Funds in the Context of Implementing the National Economic Recovery Program.

Capital injection for productive sector is the implementation of funds distribution for PEN program launched by the government. bank bjb is optimistic that the target for the leverage of PEN funds of Rp 2.5 trillion can be met according to the target, considering that the current distribution achievement is made in a short time. In realizing bank bjb's commitment to boost the pace of economy, especially in West Java through bjb PENtas program (strengthening of the Resilient and Prosperous National Economy) which was the initiation of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

Pasundan University (Unpas) Economic Observer, Acuviarta Kartabi, appreciated the existing policies relating to the distribution of PEN funds in bank bjb. However, according to him, bank bjb needs an out-of-the-box policy to respond to current conditions. According to him, 90 percent of West Java's captive market is MSMEs. Hence, it becomes a priority and requires more effort. "I am optimistic that bank bjb can be better than bank Himbara. To only provide various facilities for MSMEs in West Java, but still measurable," said Acuviarta. 

Acuviarta revealed that the infrastructure construction sector is also known to be heavily financed by PEN funds. This is because the construction sector also absorbs a lot of labor and adds to the movement of the other economic wheels. Likewise, lending. With the encouragement of PEN funding program, as well as KUR credit program and others, it will definitely give more significant impact on the community.

"Especially with the current condition of all banks having to experience relaxation of all credit installments, causing the space for lending to become narrow. Apart from considering to prudence towards business sectors that are heavily affected and unwilling or delaying additional capital from credit submissions," he said.

For information, the loan distribution scheme for PEN funds from bank bjb, for credit distribution, includes Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry is amounting to Rp.154 billion, and Rp.794 billion for Processing Industry.

Next is Rp.1.35 trillion for Construction, Rp.1.34 trillion for Wholesalers and Retail and Rp.1.69 trillion for Other Sectors. Meanwhile, by categorizing the sector, the disbursement and PEN are divided from the Corporate and Commercial sectors, BPR, KPR, Consumer and UMKM. "Every sector also has a multiplier effect. They are related with one another, no matter how small MSMEs business, it still can attract other resources, "he said. 

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi said this financial support is channeled to encourage efforts to boost the economic rate, especially in West Java. "Bank bjb is always ready to cooperate with various parties in encouraging regional development. We have a role as a development agent that is constantly implemented with real supports. Especially the financial support that will have a wider economic and social impact,” said Yuddy.

This financing is expected to bring multiplier effect that encourages economic activity. The economic impact can be felt during the process of utilizing funds that can create wider employment opportunities. As well as being able to absorb domestic products. Disbursement of People's Business Credit (KUR) and Credit Mesra (Prosperous Economic Community) continues to be intensified for the productive and labor-intensive segments. This financing disbursement is a form of implementation of bank bjb's commitment to fully support the PEN acceleration program through the distribution of capital in various productive business sectors, especially MSMEs. "We constantly provide fully support for various government programs that are oriented towards increasing and equalizing the welfare of community, business world and local governments, to take advantage of the financing facilities that we have provide to support programs and businesses that are carri in order to provide optimal results," explained Yuddy.

For information, based on company records as of October 18, 2020, bank bjb has distributed Rp.5.34 trillion PEN funds. This means that the 2-fold leverage target of Rp.5 trillion has been exceeded in less than three months since the disbursement of Rp.2.5 trillion funds was received by the company at the end of July 2020. Bank bjb's PEN loan realization figure until mid-October has reached 106% of the target.


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