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29 January 2021

Now Millennials Can Own a House Easier

BANDUNG – Millennials are one of the largest population groups in the total population of Indonesia. Data for the 2020 Population Census of Central Statistics Agency (BPS), 25.8% of the total 270.20 million Indonesian population are millennials on 24-39 years. Meanwhile, the people with the largest age group were Gen Z who were born in the range 1997-2002 with 27.94% of population. 

One issue that is often associated with the millennial generation is related to house ownership. Very many millennials in Indonesia have the desire to have their own house. Data from Consumer Sentiment Survey H1 2021 noted that 77% of millennials admit to prioritizing savings to buy a house.

The same survey also revealed that there are 51% of millennials who claim not to own property, whether in the form of a house, land, apartment, or something else. As many as 56% of millennials who do not own a property, plan to own their own property by the age of 31.

Luckily, there is good news for millennial generations in all over Indonesia who have dreams of owning a home but are struggling with financial solutions. With a minimum salary of Rp.3 million per month, millennials can now realize their dream to own their private residence through the bjb Home Ownership Credit (KPR) Gaul facility.

bjb KPR Gaul is a brand-new product issued by bank bjb which is specifically dedicated for millennials. Through this credit facility, bank bjb provides easy access to home ownership financing while at the same time easing the burden on Indonesian youth in having dreams to own an ideal residence. 

bjb KPR Gaul is for millennials with an age range between 21-35 years. In addition to the minimum salary requirement of Rp.3 million per month, this credit product also offers various convenient benefits, including competitive interest and a minimum down payment of 5% on home ownership. Minimum salary of Rp.3 million per month, which is the basic requirement, include the joint income between husband and wife for those who are married. 

In addition, bank bjb provides an interesting credit limit where debtors can apply for residential loans with a maximum value of Rp.1.5 billion. Regarding the loan period, no need to worry, millennial debtors will be given the opportunity to pay in installments up to a period of 25 years!

Another benefit is that bank bjb also guarantees the security of occupancy certificates because it has collaborated with a notary partner. bank bjb also eliminates appraisal fees (with terms and conditions), administration fees, and offers a 25% discount on provisioning fees. For those who want to simultaneously adding life insurance, bank bjb is also ready to facilitate.

So, what are the requirements? Requirements to be able to access bjb KPR Gaul product include prospective debtors with Indonesian citizenship status, 21-35 years old, with fixed income (minimum Rp.3 million), copy of the husband or wife applicant's Valid IDcard KTP / KK Marriage Certificate / copy of Divorce Certificate / Unmarried Statement Letter, Personal Taxpayer Number (NPWP), original salary slip / income certificate, copy of savings account for the last 3 months, as well as copy of land certificate for collateral object and IMB / IPMB / similar permit from the authorized local agency and the latest PBB.

It is expected that the existence of bjb KPR Gaul can be used as widely as possible by millennials as a solution to the needs of easy and affordable home ownership. Given the trend in property prices that always increase every year, delaying the intention to pay in installments will actually be detrimental, you know. Especially since bjb KPR Gaul existed

So, what are you waiting for? Come on, join right away!


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