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11 February 2021

bank bjb Encourages the Awakening of West Java MSMEs through

BANDUNG – Efforts in recovering the affected economic activity by COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be encouraged. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which are one of the most affected groups, continue to receive various stimulations. One of the newest, West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) through the West Java Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) West Java Creative Economy and Innovation Committee (KREASI), collaborated with bank bjb to launch is a marketplace platform designed to boost the shopping activities of the state civil servants (ASN) during COVID-19 pandemic. ASNs can shop various products consisting of all kinds of categories, including staples, food and beverages, fashion, beauty, health, crafts, interiors, and others. The products sold at are curated options with well-maintained quality standards and assurance. Apart from ASN, is also accessible to the wider community who want to shop the products.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said is a digital sell and purchase tool designed by West Java Provincial Government to help MSME players by relying on the purchasing power of ASNs. According to him, ASN is one of the groups of people whose income is relatively unaffected by COVID-19 pandemic since they receive regular income from the state.

"ASN is one of the groups whose hands are above. I ask to help MSMEs with unsold production items so that there is a tremendous economic downturn. There is a platform that can be utilized. There are around 1500 products and brands from the culinary, fashion and other industries in West Java. So, for 2021 to likely recover from pandemic with vaccines, we must also recover economically in which we provide social assistance to the middle and lower class, and our middle and upper classes are motivated to spend." said Governor.

West Java Regional Secretary Setiawan Wangsaatmadja said that West Java Provincial Government has nearly 38 thousand ASNs serving in the province. When combined with ASNs at the district and city levels, the number could reach around 300 thousand. Therefore, the marketing potential of MSME products to ASNs is very large.

"The highest and most dominating is ASN group 3. Approximately almost 115 thousand. Group 4 has 100 thousand. These two groups have relatively better purchasing power. If you add up the two groups in West Java, it is almost 200 thousand. It is determined on whether the product and its marketing are properly packaged. If has good standards, maintain its packaging, with on time delivery, why can't we bring it to the national level. The potential is nearly 3 million ASN," said Setiawan.

ASNs were chosen as the main target for since their income was relatively unaffected by COVID-19 pandemic, so they had high purchasing power. With the tagline " Bela Negara dengan Belanja", encourages ASN to be involved in this attempt to restore the economy of West Java.

Director of Commercial MSME bank bjb Nancy Adistyasari said bank bjb as a loyal partner of West Java Provincial Government provides full support for the MSME stimulation program through The synergy between West Java Provincial Government, ASN and bank bjb as collaboration partners is expected to boost the MSMEs’ revival, especially through

 "Because it is a program of the provincial government, so we definitely support it. Bank bjb also supports it because the main target market for is ASN and almost all ASN in West Java are our customers. So the synergy in succeeding this program will be great," said Nancy.

Support provided by bank bjb, among others, is provided through the payment transaction facility via bank bjb. bank bjb also facilitates payments at which can be done by scanning the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS). In addition, there is also a free shipping feature to shop at which is part of bank bjb collaboration.

In addition, bank bjb also encourages MSME players to participate to market their products in Of the 256 registered MSME partners, 120 of them are under the guidance of bank bjb, consisting of of fashion, culinary, crafts, beauty, and others.

The MSME assisted by bank bjb which has become a partner of is the result of curation and selection. bank bjb also continues to provide guidance to MSME players so that the number of MSME assisted by bank bjb in partnership with continues to increase.

"Apart from ASNs as target market buyers, we also have positive collaboration from MSMEs as partners. Because if they have access to new market, it can automatically increase sales for MSME players," said Nancy.

Furthermore, Nancy said bank bjb has a facility that specifically designed for the development of MSMEs so that they can slowly migrate to the digital sales platform. The facility called bjb DiSentra (Digital Education and Interaction System) which is a forum for interaction, consultation, education, as well as marketing of sale and purchase of MSME products guided by bank bjb

Moreover, bank bjb is also consistent in providing guidance to improve the competency of MSME players, such as by providing training on product packaging, good photography, and others so that products from the assisted MSMEs are worthy to be displayed in the marketplace.

"We hope that can develop quite significantly, the number of partners can increase and the volume of transactions will also increase. We are sure that the number will increase because bank bjb will provide full support, especially to MSME players, thus giving a domino effect which in the end will followed by many buyers and also other MSME players," said Nancy.


bank bjb

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