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01 April 2021

bank bjb Customer Wins Simpeda National Lottery Second Period XXXI-2021

JAKARTA – bank bjb existing customers receive prizes from Simpeda National Lucky Draw program organized by the Regional Development Bank Association (Asbanda), in its Second Period XXXI-2021. They each brought money home worth millions of rupiah which were given as prizes.

The lucky draw for this period is still the same as the previous, this year's “Simpeda Savings National Lottery from Aceh to Papua - Get Luck in Pandemic Period” was held virtually in accordance with COVID-19 health protocol. The Simpeda lucky draw was held live streaming on Asbanda Mediacenter YouTube channel on Saturday 27 March 2021 which was attended directly by the Head of Bank bjb Consumer Funds & Services Division, Hakim Putratama, as the Simpeda Lucky Draw Executive Committee.

Bank bjb customers who have won prizes in Simpeda lucky draw for this period include the third prize for 1 person, fourth prize for 1 person, fifth prize for 1 person, tsixth prize for 2 person, seventh prize for 5 person, and for eighth prize, 15 person.

Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb, Widi Hartoto, said that this program is a form of appreciation given to loyal customers of Regional Development Bank (BPD) who have used the Simpeda Savings.

Tabungan Simpeda is one of BPD's flagship banking products throughout Indonesia. At the end of 2020 bank bjb was recorded to manage 187.186 Simpeda Savings Number of Accounts (NoAs) with a total Rp. 2.646.814.117.435. The Simpeda savings account is one of the company's flagship products that are currently being developed and constantly earn positive response in the form of an increase in deposit’s nominal amount.

In 2021, Simpeda Savings National Lucky Draw will be participated by 25 BPDs throughout Indonesia with a total prize of Rp. 6 billion. The draw is held twice a year with a nominal prize of Rp. 3 billion for each period, for 584 winners with a main prize of Rp.500 million for 1 customer, second prize Rp.100 million each for 4 winners, third prize Rp.50 million each for 26 winners , fourth prize is Rp.5 million each for 26 winners and fifth prize is Rp.2.5 million each for 26 winners, sixth prize Rp.2 million each for 52 winners, seventh prize Rp.1.5 million each for 104 winners, and eight prize Rp.1 million each for 345 winners.



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