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01 April 2021

bank bjb Distributes SimPel Savings Assistance for 200 Students from OJK

BANDUNG -The Financial Services Authority Employees Association (IPOJK) conveyed the mandate for the distribution of assistance to students affected by Covid-19 in West Java goes to bank bjb. The assistance was in the form of cash which was realized in the form of opening the bank bjb Student Savings account (SimPel).

The assistance that came from the funds raised at virtual charity concert of OJK's 9th Anniversary is Rp. 200.000.000, -. Assistance in the form of savings will be given to 800 students in 4 (four) districts/cities in West Java, include Sumedang Regency, Subang Regency, Cirebon City and Tasikmalaya City.

The delivery of the mandate for the distribution of aid was carried out symbolically between West Java OJK Regional 2 and bank bjb directors at the West Java OJK Regional 2 Office, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.152, Bandung City, Wednesday (31/3/2021). The amount of donation funds that were symbolically handed over was Rp. 50.000.000, - for 200 students in Sumedang and Subang Regency. The assistance will be distributed on Thursday (1/4/2021).

"This assistance is channeled through bank bjb in order to maintain the mandate so that it is truly received by the students in need. We also appreciate the form of assistance in the form of savings, because it can simultaneously serve as an educational platform on the importance of saving," said Head of OJK Regional 2 West Java Indarto Budiwitono in his speech.

He also hopes that this assistance can not only ease the burden on students affected by Covid-19, but at the same time train students to become good customers. Indarto also advised bank bjb to be able to provide money management education to students.

"bank bjb can also provide education about how to manage finances properly from an early age through savings. For those who have donated their assets, hopefully it can become a good habit. It's not a nominal issue, but about being a human who is kind and helpful to others," he said.

Director of Consumer and Retail of bank bjb Suartini said that the mandate for distribution of assistance provided by OJK is an honor for bank bjb. This is also a form of trust that will be carried by bank bjb as a development partner for West Java.

"This assistance will be very beneficial for students affected by Covid-19. This is a very good step to make students not feel like they are alone in difficulties. Bank bjb will also act as a financial literacy agent for students through SimPel savings," she said.

SimPel is a savings product for school students with simple requirements to educate and encourage the financial inclusion as well as the habit of saving early on. Suartini said, until February 2021, bank bjb had processed up to 240 thousand SimPel accounts. "We must encourage children to save, and to not give up on Covid-19 pandemic," she said.


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