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25 June 2021

Bank bjb Digital Banking Massive Growth in the Middle of Covid-19 Pandemic

BANDUNG – The development of digital banking services is something that must be prioritized today. Especially after Covid-19 pandemic hit, where physical meetings to conventional banking transactions were forced to transform to digital based for security.

In Indonesia, the pandemic has triggered a rapid growth in the use of digital transactions. Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded electronic money transactions in May 2021 to reach Rp.23.7 trillion, or grew by 57.38% year-on-year.

The development of this digital banking transaction has been welcomed by bank bjb even before the pandemic hit. Various innovations in transactions have been prepared, and have succeeded in reaping the sweet fruit, especially in the previous year.

President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi said, in 2020, bank bjb managed to obtain various approvals from Financial Services Authority (OJK) and BI in terms of digital payment systems. The digital platform developed by bank bjb has been approved and proven to have passed a number of required tests.

"At the same time, there was a pandemic. So, during the shifting period of conventional banking transactions to digital, bank bjb earn a blessing since it managed to grow rapidly in West Java and Banten," said Yuddy in the Money Talks Power Lunch: Digitalization of BPD on CNBC Indonesia, Thursday, June 24, 2021. 

Yuddy explained, bank bjb's mobile banking application, bjb Digi, managed to grow significantly in the period December 2020 - mid-June 2021. In less than 6 months, bjb Digi's growth was recorded at 117.4%.

bank bjb has now also adopted a QRIS-based payment system, namely the QR Code Indonesian Standard as an easy and practical mode of digital transactions. The number of merchants who are members of bank bjb QRIS payment system also experienced significant increase during pandemic.

"Our QRIS merchant is growing exponentially, increasing almost 20 times from December 2020. Until mid-June 2021," said Yuddy. In addition, fee-based income from bank bjb e-channel transactions also grew by 54.25% year on year.

Yuddy said bank bjb has wide opportunity to continue developing its digital banking products. Especially because the ecosystems owned in West Java and Banten have high potential to be optimized, considering that ±1/5 of Indonesia's population resides in these two areas.

"2021 is the year where we seek to provide convenience for our customers after we transformed in early 2020 with the emergence of various platforms. Bank bjb's effort to strengthen the digital ecosystem in West Java is right on track. Hopefully (digital transactions) can be continue to be the secondary backbone in receiving our fee-based income," he said. 

He said the challenge in realizing a cashless and digital transaction society is literacy and education. The public must continue to be convinced that transactions through QRIS are safe.

"We must continue to carry out this literacy security aspect to the community, that QRIS is a safe means of payment," said Yuddy.

Along with the times and the presence of technology-based financial service companies (Fintech) as well as public access and literacy to various internet-based or digital services, it continues to develop which has an impact on the banking world, where public interest in being able to access banking products and services digitally is also increasing. Therefore, bank bjb continues to expand its digital services as a form of community service commitment. One of the latest is through the presence of the bjb MSME Credit Access Service or bjb LAKU.

bjb LAKU is an application that functions to make it easier for prospective customers to get capital access from all of bank bjb's MSME Credit Segments. This program is intended for all levels of society, especially MSME actors who are in need of access to credit financing. bjb LAKU plays a role in increasing the business capacity of MSME actors.


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