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04 July 2021

Support PPKM Darurat in Java Bali, here is the Update of bank bjb Cash Services Operational Hours

BANDUNG – The government imposes Restrictions towards Community Activities or PPKM Darurat which is set on July 3 – 20, 2021 in Java and Bali regions. For this reason, bank bjb has made various risk mitigation efforts to minimize the spread of Covid-19. bank bjb as one of the essential sectors, financial sector, continues to serve operational activities in all bank bjb office networks with strict Covid-19 health protocols and adjustments to the cash service operational hours to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

This was done as a form of bank bjb's support for the Government's policy, namely Emergency PPKM related to preventing the spread of Covid-19 and also bank bjb's commitment to maintaining the safety and health of employees, customers, work partners, and the general public from the spread of Covid-19.

"bank bjb has adjusted the operating hours of its cash services, for the entire office network, from 08.30 WIB to 14.00 WIB. With PPKM Darurat, bank bjb gives each region the flexibility of its cash service operating hours to adjust to the conditions and zoning of Covid-19 spread in accordance with local regional government policies while still adhering to the policies of the central government," said Widi Hartoto as the Head of Corporate Secretary Division bank bjb, Friday (2/7/2021). 

"Moreover, bank bjb has also implemented Work From Home (WFH) productively with a percentage of 50% to 75%, considering that we are one of the essential sectors that does not allow to operate with 100% WFH. bank bjb also has a Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) policy, which is a system that allows employees to be able to adjust their work time and location by choosing the time to start and finish work, both from home and office while monitoring and evaluating every day. All these steps are taken by bank bjb to continue providing optimal services to customers & community while still giving a sense of security and comfort," said Widi.

"bank bjb also transferred cash service operations to several office networks in several areas including eliminating Weekend Banking services, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through reducing office operations. However, the cash service operations at the abolished locations, will be transferred to the nearest Branch Office," said Widi.

Further information regarding the cash service operational hours can be accessed through bank bjb official website or you can contact bjb Call 14049.

bank bjb continues to encourage the use of bank bjb digital products. Where through transactions using bjb Digi, customers are able to carry out various transactions without the need to leave the house. Various conveniences that customers can enjoy through bjb Digi include payment of motor vehicle taxes and PBB, payment of water bills, credit card payments, money transfers, e-commerce top ups, balance checks and other transactions to edupay services. In addition, through Corporate Internet Banking (IBC), institutional/corporate customers can still make financial transactions at any time in quick, easy and precise manner.


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