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7 Room Concert, bank bjb Warmly Welcomed by Art Lovers
News17 March 2021
7 Room Concert, bank bjb...

BANDUNG – Room Concert of Saung Angklung Udjo which was presented thanks to the collaboration between Don Sound System (DSS) Music Indonesia and bank bjb...

KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri Provides Education and Socialization on Corruption Eradication at bank bjb Tower
News17 March 2021
KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri Provides...

BANDUNG – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for the first time visited the Regional Development Banks, West Java and Banten Banks (bank bjb) to provide...

With 1.7 Trillion Net Profit, bank bjb Consistently Grows Positively in 2020
News15 March 2021
With 1.7 Trillion Net Profit,...

his positive trend is reflected various key performance indicators. On a consolidated basis, bank bjb's profit reached Rp.1.7 trillion or grew 8% on a year-on-year...

bank bjb Welcomes Positively on Support the Board of Banten Provincial Government on Capital Increment
News09 March 2021
bank bjb Welcomes Positively on...

BANDUNG – bank bjb positively welcomes the support provided by members of the Banten Provincial Representative Council (DPRD) regarding the plan to increase capital for...

Bank bjb Provides Ease of MSME Credit Access Requirements Up to 2 Billion
News09 March 2021
Bank bjb Provides Ease of...

BANDUNG – For people who want to strengthen their capital for business, they certainly expect financing or loan facilities that provide convenience. For convenience in...

Saving on bjb Tandamata SiMUDA and Get Smartphones, Sony Cameras, and iPad Air for Free!
News08 March 2021
Saving on bjb Tandamata SiMUDA...

BANDUNG – Good news for millennials who like to save. Besides being able to "secure" funds to anticipate future life, millennials can also get attractive...

Bank bjb Tandamata Gebyar Promo Distributes Special Culinary Discounts
News08 March 2021
Bank bjb Tandamata Gebyar Promo...

BANDUNG – bank bjb distributes Tandamata promos in the form of discounts for a number of special culinary products. This promo highlight is still ongoing...

Encouraged by Ridwan Kamil bank bjb is Ready to Optimize West Java Economic Potential
News08 March 2021
Encouraged by Ridwan Kamil bank...

BANDUNG – bank bjb welcomes the horizon of banking business world in 2021 with confidence and optimism. Fresh breeze comes since bank bjb was able...

bank bjb Establish Payroll Service Cooperation with Batam Women's Prison
News02 March 2021
bank bjb Establish Payroll Service...

BATAM – bank bjb established a cooperation agreement with the Class IIB Batam Women's Prison for salary payment services (Payroll Service) through the State Treasury...

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